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Freedom + unfermented raw vegan cream cheese recipe + 40% discount on books!

Freedom + Unfermented Raw Vegan Garlic Cream Cheese (All rights reserved, Rawfreshing Cuisine, p. 73) - Chantale Roy The only molds that fit me are my removable bottom raw pie pans; I can find my way out upward or downward. I need freedom, flexibility to create and to express who I am. I like change,

Holiday season, expectations and raw chocolate macaroons!

Christmas memories Expectations -Chantale Roy As Christmas comes closer, I close my eyes and I smell the tree, I hear the silence of snowflakes falling in slow motion and I feel the excitement that grabbed the heart of the girl I was. I also remember the ideals that came from my imagination.   Expectations produced

Raw Chocolate Macaroons

Raw chocolate macaroons   Chef Chantale Roy   Servings 32 Ingredients 3 cups coconut flakes ¾ cup raw cacao powder ¼ cup coconut flour ½ tsp vanilla powder Pinch of Himalayan salt 1 cup maple syrup or raw coconut nectar (or less) 1/3 cup cold-pressed coconut oil, melted ½ cup raw cacao paste, shaved and

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Alone + Living Ginger Ale Recipe

- Chantale Roy For a long time, I always looked for the presence, look, approval and love of others. It is as if my life, my breath, my happiness depended on it. Until the day when I had the audacity to explore this unknown area, by myself, without this presence, this look, this approval, the

Warm Raw Peaches or The Art of Changing Something for the Better…

-Chantale Roy There is the reality presented to us and the one that we create. Early on, I was able to explore my imagination and my creativity in an environment that encouraged it. Both at home and at school, I felt supported in the art of making objects, dishes or in the art of changing

Food Refuge

Unfortunately, I like food too much... but I look after myself! My refuge, has always been food. I've never been tempted by coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc., thank God! When I was younger, this refuge was much less green than now... Over the years, I have gradually learned to live and manage my emotions without

I want the best

I want the best - Chantale Roy I grew up on the countryside, in a modest area, but I had 600 acres to explore. I had forests and fields that I have not even fully explored, so the space was rich and endless in my mind as a little girl. I went to a small

Acceptance OR The art of developing a a recipe + Free Raw Vegan Pepperoni recipe

Acceptance OR The art of developing a recipe  +  Free Raw Vegan Pepperoni recipe - Chantale Roy As far as I remember, I have always loved life and explored my creativity as well as my unlimited potential. Like everyone else, I went through periods of doubt, during adolescence as in adulthood. I wanted to be someone else. I

Raw Cuisine Classes with Chantale in France!

This spring, Chantale will share her love for raw food preparation with foodies in France! Please contact Jeremie Beclair to register soon, as seats are limited: jeremiebeclair@yahoo.fr If you want to explore the beauty of France, with your private French and Chef Instructor, follow Chantale from Paris to Nevache...