Rawfreshing Express 1 (Version électronique en PDF) (en anglais)

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Chantale’s new raw recipe book! All easy and quick recipes, without a dehydrator! 60 delicious recipes (40 nut-free!)

Chantale Roy, Raw food chef
I am fascinated by the art of cooking. I am passionate about great food. But the essence of my love affair with food is my vital desire for freedom.
I believe that being informed and being healthy are guarantees of freedom. If we are not informed, we are at the mercy of ignorance, myths and manipulation. If we are not healthy, we cannot fully access our potential.
Raw, organic, vegan and gluten-free eating is greatly responsible for my freedom. I always devoted a lot of attention to preparing my food. After 10 years in the field of raw cuisine restaurants and teaching, I decided to write this book to respond to a widespread need: the need to prepare dishes that are tasty and nutritious in the shortest time possible. Rawfreshing Express© 1, the cooking workshop, has already responded to this need in many homes. Rawfreshing Express 1, the book, will further enable everyone to put more raw dishes on the table…
A native of Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Chantale spread her love for all living things through community involvement, her raw gourmet cuisine restaurant in Quebec (Tout cru dans l’bec) and in British Columbia (Rawfreshing Cuisine), her books and raw, vegan and vegetarian cooking classes at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and now from coast to coast and in Europe.

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Table of Contents

Introduction p. 5
What Do You Eat? p. 7
Something to Drink p. 9
Wheatgrass Juice (nut free) p. 10
“Take to Your Heels” Juice (nut free) p. 11
Wild Green Juice (nut free) p. 12
Daily Green Juice (nut free) p.13
Vegetable Tops Juice (nut free) p. 14
Green Coconut Water (nut free) p. 15
Grape Juice (nut free) p. 16
Kale, Blueberry and Ginger Smoothie (nut free) p. 17
Chocococo Milk (nut free) p. 18
Vanilla Hemp Milk (nut free) p. 19
Watermelon and Pepper Smoothie (nut free) p. 20
Honeydew and Nutmeg Smoothie (nut free) p. 21
Something Sweet p. 23
Bananas and Raw Cacao (nut free) p. 24
Oranges and Cinnamon (nut free) p. 25
Spinach Salad with Clementines (nut free) p. 26
Fruit Salad with Strawberry-Coconut Sauce (nut free) p. 27
Orange-Chocolate Mousse p. 28
Lemon Tarts p. 29
Single-Ingredient Ice Cream (nut free) p. 30
Fig-Mint Ice Cream p. 31
Cherry Sauce (nut free) p. 32
Whipped Cream p. 33
Chocolate-Cranberry Brownies p. 34
Black Forest Cake p.35
Something Salty p. 37
Avocado and Seaweed (nut free) p. 38
Guacabeet (nut free) p. 39
Self-Service Fridge (nut free) p. 40
Coleslaw-Lime Salad (nut free) p. 41
Peach and Ginger Sauce (nut free) p. 42
Mayo Tropico on Pastel Vegetables (nut free) p. 43
Cumin-Carrot-Raisin Salad (nut free) p. 44
Colourful Salad (nut free) p. 45
Kohlrabi and Beetroot Salad (nut free) p. 46
Marinated Broccoli and Sea-Lettuce Salad (nut free) p. 47
Summer Vegetables in Marinade (nut free) p. 48
Mexican Corn Salad (nut free) p. 49
Zucchini Pasta with Italian Sauce p. 50
Cucumber Bisque p. 51
Orange-Cauliflower Sushi (nut free) p. 52
Sprouts and Shoots 101 p. 53
Mini-Nori with Pecan and Bell Pepper Pâté p. 55
Creamy Beet Sushi (nut free) p. 56
Collard Rolls with Walnut and Fig Pâté p. 57
Something to Take p. 59
Strawberries Alone (nut free) p. 60
Blueberries Alone (nut free) p. 61
Raspberries Alone (nut free) p. 62
Peaches Alone (nut free) p. 63
Apple or Celery with Raw Nut Butter p. 64
Dates with Green Nut Butter p. 65
Simple Hemp Bites p. 66
Pistachio Halva p. 67
Chlorella Balls (nut free) p. 68
Chewy Bars p. 69
Avococo Pudding (nut free) p. 70
Raw Chocolate Hazelnut-Cranberry Barquettes p. 71
Orange Uncookies p. 72
Chocolate Uncookies p. 73
Kale-Lemon Salad p. 74
Hummus Sauce (nut free) p. 75
Guacamole (nut free) p. 76
Salsa (nut free) p. 77
Spices and Herbs, for a Touch of… p. 78
Tapenade on Endive p. 79
Something to Help p. 81
In my Raw Kitchen p. 86
Index p. 88
Indicates nut free (but may contain seeds)


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