Graduated in Education at the University of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and trained in Translation at University of Saint-Boniface, Chantale Roy is known for her meticulousness, professionalism, and high-quality customer service. With more than 30 years of experience teaching, translation, transcription, and proofreading, she always gives her students plenty of attention and takes great care with the texts submitted to her. Inspired by her love for words and language, she seeks precision, quality, and integrity in the message of the person, orally or in writing.

Chantale has been working with the University of British Columbia for the past 13 years, where she has taught oral French to international students in person and online French writing and reading. She is now dedicated to distance learning.

Teaching French as a Foreign Language (or second language) has been part of her duties for the past fifteen years. University of British Columbia students, Federal Public Servants and individuals are among those who have benefited from Chantale’s expertise to develop their skills and their personal confidence in speaking or writing French.

In addition, Chantale has translated many different documents for several UBC faculties and departments, including Medicine and Psychology. The University has assigned various contracts to her from external clients, such as the Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal (Aboriginal law website), the Alcuin Society (The Graphic Design Excellence Award), food businesses like Everland, etc.

Simon Fraser University also entrusts her with the translation of documents (paper and digital) in Education. She recently translated one of the Department of Education professor’s book on outdoor teaching: A Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder and Developing a Sense of Place.

Chantale has also been doing linguistic revision since her first year at university in 1988. As a student, she was already involved as a linguistic consultant to students, while performing teaching assistance tasks for professors. Her thoroughness and conscientious work have made her a highly qualified linguistic professional. She subsequently continued to work at several educational institutions, including Educacentre College in Vancouver.

Her love for words is also shown through her work as a proofreader in a publishing company.

Finally, she has also developed a great expertise in the field of transcription of audio files in French for the UBC Department of Psychology, among others.

Services and rates

  • English to French Translation
  • French Proofreading
  • French Transcription
  • Online French Tutoring (as a foreign or second language)

An estimate of the cost of translating documents or websites from English to French can be obtained by contacting Chantale directly by email at Here are our rates:


Chantale Roy can be reached for a quote or to learn more about her Linguistic Services by calling 604-790-8859 or  emailing her at