Chantale’s Areas of Expertise

Chantale is a certified living food chef, author, and creator of the first raw culinary classes at the University of British Columbia. She graduated from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute with Master Gourmet Raw Chef, Cherie Soria, and spent many years afterwards designing and managing raw food cafes. Chantale’s biggest passion is working with people of all ages and inspiring them to prepare heathy foods!

Through her recipe books, classes and workshops, you will learn new cooking skills, gain confidence in the kitchen, and ultimately get inspired to have more fun while connecting to better health and wellness through delicious foods.

Chantale teaches culinary arts at a university and college level, online in larger specific groups, or privately in your own home. Chantale loves to watch her students become more relaxed and confident in the kitchen with the ultimate reward of promoting healthy life giving foods.



Why Choose Chef Chantale Roy?

♥  Chantale is a certified Chef from the prestigious culinary institute Living Light in 2004.

♥  She has over 20 years of experience in healthy cooking and uncooking,

♥  She has owned and designed 2 raw gourmet restaurants, in Quebec and British Columbia.

♥  She studied Health Sciences and has a Bachelor of Education;

♥  She has more that 20 years of experience in teaching, including 5 years at the University of British Columbia.

♥  She is very creative and practical.

♥  She adopted a plant-based diet for most of her life.

“Chantale is a beautiful person and a wonderful raw food chef. I was delighted to have her at Living Light as a student, and she has also helped with our Raw Food Revolution Tour when we visited Vancouver, B.C. Chantal’s new raw food recipe book Rawfreshing Cuisine is a delightful addition to the genre. Chantale shares her passion for colorful and tasty recipes with so much love and knowledge in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow format with beautiful pictures of many of her delightful creations. Each recipe has a quote and often special anecdotes related to the recipes.”

Master Chef Cherie Soria (Founder of Living Light Culinary Art Institute)