Energizing Haskap Smoothie

February 6, 2022

-Chantale Roy

Haskap, the delicious edible honeysuckle, has been part of my childhood memories, even if I didn’t know its pretty name at the time. This small wild fruit with a complex flavor skillfully dotted my random forest journeys. Several decades later, I reconnected with this delicious gift of nature that makes my early morning, pleasant for sure.

I add a big handful of them to my morning smoothie. Since coffee has never been part of my routine, berries have free rein to give me all the energy I need. The sweet and perfect acidity of camerise faithfully surprises my taste buds, even after adopting this habit for a long time.

I also enjoy its incredible nutritious and antioxidant mineral properties, knowing that non-hybridized wild fruits are a “natural added value”. Here is my recipe for a morning Burgundy Haskap Smoothie:


1 3/4 fresh oat milk (or 1 3/4 cups water + 1 tsp almond butter)

3 tbsp hemp hearts (or more)

2 tbsp ground flax seed (or more)

1 banana

1/2 cup frozen haskap berries (or more)

4-5 pitted dates



Preparation: Grind all the ingredients in a high-speed blender. Enjoy immediately.



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    J’aurais aime voir “l e plant de ce fruit…camerises

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