Straight Ahead…

Straight Ahead…

September 7, 2015 by Chantale Roy

I love looking at the ocean and bathing my eyes in the horizon, with diverting me. I love admiring the mountains by gazing the peak, without derogation. I welcome the challenges of life, because they remind me to stay focused on the horizon and the peaks, even when the wind blows and tries to distract me from my goal. I learned that lesson several times throughout my life journey. My ancestors have understood that too, as colonizers and explorers. If we set back or fold our knees at the smallest obstacle, we do not reach the destination. When we welcome the pitfalls as tools to propel or adapt our strategy, chances increase to achieve what we feel called for.

Changing eating habits can be a journey where one can lose sight of our focu at times. That can be heard from the outside or the inside as disapproving comments, inquisitive, mocking and so on. This can be received as windstorms, slapped or extinguishers. That is the exact moment when we have to turn on the inner strength valv and look straight ahead without blinking. When in addition, it goes against current trends, we must be vigilant. Choosing to eat healthy, with mainly fruits and veggies, and maybe even raw, it might not pass handily.

But at this very moment, things can become pretty interesting; learning to rely on ourself is part of the process and unexpected benefits might come from these eating habits changes.

As soon as we listen to our instinct, a burst of energy is released and it guides us firmly towards the direction to take and the route to follow, step by step. One day, on my dentist’s chair, when he was about to give me the routine anesthetic for an intervention, I felt clearly that I did not need it. Spontaneously, I simply asked if that was necessary. The dentis told me that in 99.99% of patients, such intervention would be quite uncomfortable (painful…). Yet I still felt that I did not need it. Since the art of listening to me and trusting myself is something I like practicing for a while, I calmly expressed my desire not too receive this anesthetic. This holistic and open minded dentist said that if eventually I needed, I just had to tell him.

Throughout the treatment, I continued to listen to me and happily, I stayed focused on my breathing, without flinching, without any pain. This is of course a case-by-case type of intervention. No generality here. What suits me is personal to me. As soon as I identify my need/desire/feeling, I remain faithful to it as long as it is beneficial to me. And it is satisfying at the end to see the results that are brought by my choice.

Over the past 15 years, I have kept my focus on the summit, or the horizon. I sometimes felt the wind, sometimes bent slightly but not too much, always returning to my goal: my deep well-being, my optimal health, my freedom to be who I am. The more I look straight ahead, the more I grow, the more I fortify myself, the more peaceful I feel by following my inner GPS, the more I feel Life supporting me. Disapproval, inquisition and occasional mockery become pats on the shoulder reminding me to look straight ahead…

Here is a simple recipe that inevitably gives me this clear and powerful look! Obviously, one of the key ingredient for that is raw cacao… Cheers!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Pumpking Seed Milk

by Chef Chantale Roy

deux laits de graines de citrouille au chocolat


¾ cup raw pumpkin seeds, soaked for 3-6 hrs (or overnight), rinsed

2 cups water (or more for a less creamy drink)

2 frozen bananas (or more for a sweeter milk)

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp nut or seed butter (almond, sunflower, peanut, etc.)


Blend pumpkin seeds with water. Filter with a nut milk bag and rinse the blender container. Blend the filtered milk with the remaining ingredients. Enjoy…

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