I want the best

I want the best

– Chantale Roy

I grew up on the countryside, in a modest area, but I had 600 acres to explore. I had forests and fields that I have not even fully explored, so the space was rich and endless in my mind as a little girl. I went to a small elementary school where I was given a lot of freedom of artistic and academic expression. So, naturally, I’ve always wanted what was best in life.

Looks like I thought early on that, in a way, I was not born for a bun, even if this culture was very common where I come from…

Choosing a life food diet was a logical step. Where I live now for 10 years, there is an abundance of fresh, local, organic produce and food, etc. To me, these are conditions that facilitate a lifestyle to access to the best. Why would I limit myself? Any answer to this question can’t cut my wings, thank God!

When I want to feed myself or when I want to prepare food, I know that by choosing the ingredients myself, chances are that I’ll have the best quality.

For my personal use, I opt mostly for natural foods, such as :

– papaya

– cold-pressed coconut oil

– cucumber

– castor oil

– clay

– etc.

concombres to break the fast

As a snack, I choose simple foods that I can easily bring, such as :

– cucumber

– banana

– dried apricots

– blueberries

– water (the great forgotten)

– etc.



However, when I want something else, as a product for the body or as a snack, I look for what is best too! So, I like to use AnnMarie Gianni Organic Skin Care Products and Living Intentions Organic Raw Snacks.



Self-love or recognition of my value are worthless abstract concepts if they are not applied in everyday life. Although I love to write, words make no sense to me… until an action reflecting them is manifested… “I love myself”, “I worth a lot” are a good intentions… but every time I find myself eating or using a food or a high quality product, my intention becomes an action and lead to real and tangible results.

If I do what the general population does, I get the same results as the population gets. However, the majesty of the fields of my childhood, my unlimited creative space are still alive in me, and inevitably, I will always continue to recreate seeking what is best, because I know they exist and that I’m entitled to the best…

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