Seven-Day Raw

– Chantale Roy

Twelve years ago, I decided to explore more seriously the raw food diet. I had no idea at the time, that by eating only foods “that we un-cook”, as my eldest son said, a series of sometimes subtle changes, sometimes blatant, sometimes deeps would operate in my whole being.

Seven days ago, I decided to invite my friends on social networks to experience it for only one week. Although this type of diet is not really categorized undesirable anymore, it seems that the idea of ​​eating only fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts for such a period may bring forth some hesitation…  therefore very few people have responded to my invitation.

What seems to come to mind, when thinking about eating raw for a week is all we would lose … instead of all that we could win.

I would not judge the fact to adhere or not to living foods, partially, temporarily or completely. I believe that such a choice is so personal and must follow an inner call rather than an external one. And there is a time for everything in life.

Personally, I think the motivation to say yes must have its source in a real need first. To me, a skin irritation in the palm of my right hand greatly motivated me to say yes to my own invitation! My hands are my main working tools: I cook and I write with my hands…

My life is exciting, full and rich. Sometimes, unfortunately, these adjectives are associated with “stressful”… Stress ended up in the palm of my hand.

After these 7 days, this is what I won :

1) Healing of my hand, disappearance of the rash;

2) Loss of 2 kg (4.5 lbs) of body weight… yeah…!;

3) Calmness in my being;

4) Peacefulness in my mind;

5) Clarity in my thoughts;

6) Increase of my energy level;

7) Increase in my assertiveness.

Since such a path is really personal, the results will be equally personal. For my part, I was hopeful that I would get good results, I actually greatly benefitted from those 7 days. However, I was pleasantly surprised to observe unexpected benefits, such as the withdrawal of some cooked foods that made me fantasize… I feel some curiosity here…

I must tell you, however, that my level of confidence has gained more profits than any other aspect of me. In general, I am a positive person, but I now feel more than positive, I feel assertive.

It seems that by doing such cleaning in my diet, everything becomes more powerful in me. Lighter, calmer, more serene, and so much more power. It is as if I had just opened the curtains of a window and the sun was finally enlighten my whole house.

I wish everyone to answer its inner calls … and expect the unexpected.

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