Listening to Myself

Listening to Myself

-Chantale Roy


Sometimes people say that food sensitivity or intolerances and allergies are something you make up or… fake. Being different bothers. However, I believe that what bothers most is the fact that a person would listen to herself. They refuse to be a sheep, to what is expected and choose to listen to what they feel, risking to not follow the common path. It’s a big risk. Indeed, they may end up on their own, in some areas of life. Temporarily of course…

To listen, is also getting back in the present. When I sit down to breathe, just breathe, it is likely that I feel what I like, what I do not like, what I don’t like anymore. It is also possible that I see my desires and needs, if I no longer wander in the future. Chances are, also, that I become aware of my new strength and instinct in its raw state, if I no longer get lost in my past.

Habits of the past, about food or something else, belong to the past. Concerns belong to the future. What is in the present?

Noise is popular nowadays. Overstimulation is equally a trend. Drugs, alcohol, the social and stress managing glass of wine, streaming media, continuous social contacts, well garnished calendar, at any age, without blank space are what draws the daily reality. What would happen if one or the other of these creatures disappeared into our timeline, for a day or two? And what if it could not be replaced by anything else than to the oxygen inhaled and then exhaled?

By following the path of this molecule that visits and leaves you at every breath, it is possible that along the way, you discover the world of feelings. They join our desires, needs, tastes, strengths, aspirations, intuitions, etc., and build our essence. This exciting discovery, this encounter with who one is, could suddenly blow on our compass. Listen to yourself could indeed change your diet or direction.

Every day, I am open to follow the path of oxygen in me. I discover particles of me and I explore them, meekly, at my own pace.

I have always been attracted by the BPP (bread, pasta, potato). Although they are not part of my regular diet, if they want to do so at some point, I invite the GF BPP (Gluten-Free). One day, I discovered that this protein called gluten had many subtle effects on me. By breathing in, I could see how it swelled my belly, made my neurons foggy and irritated my skin. When I want to refine my listening and I fully want to feel my essence, I avoid it.

If oxygen and the absence of gluten interest you, here is my vegan gluten-free pie dough recipe. Breathe in, listen to your heart and see…

Vegan and gluten-free pie dough recipe

-Chef Chantale Roy

Servings: 2 crusts for 1 X 9-inch pie


2 ¼ cups all-purpose gluten-free flour (Cuisine soleil is a good brand)

¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt

¾ cup vegan butter (Earth Balance)

2-3 tbsp of cold water

Parchment paper


In the food processor, grind the flour and salt. Then add the vegan butter by “pulsing” so that it forms a ball. Be careful not to overgrind. Cut the ball in half and roll one between two sheets of parchment paper. I divide the dough into 8 (or more) points, I took off with my chef’s knife and I move gently to the bottom of a pie pan. Then, following the same method, cover the tourtière or pie with an another pastry dough. For a good vegan and gluten free tourtière recipe, click here.



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