On this website, you will discover Chantale’s healthy scrumptious world. With 20 years of experience in healthy food inspiration & preparation, Chantale loves to connect everyone on their personal health journey. She is certified and specializes in gourmet raw cuisine and over the years, her desire to customize her teaching led her to design culinary art programs in vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and simple raw cuisine. Her passion for food, flavors and optimal health will seduce you…


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Chantale’s Bio

Chantale grew up in Abitibi (Quebec), a cold reclused area, a land of the colonizers with an attitude of “We can accomplish anything, if we believe in it”. She has colonizer’s blood inside of her. Nothing is impossible for Chantale, when she believes in it. Her path is colored by two themes: freedom and authenticity.

Her first mentors guided her quest towards environmental values. “A new diet for America” (John Robbins) led her down the path to becoming vegetarian, focussing on organic agriculture, then vegan, all while gradually exploring a raw food diet. For about ten years, living foods became her main playground…

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