Alone + Living Ginger Ale Recipe

– Chantale Roy

For a long time, I always looked for the presence, look, approval and love of others. It is as if my life, my breath, my happiness depended on it. Until the day when I had the audacity to explore this unknown area, by myself, without this presence, this look, this approval, the love of others. Alone.


I watched some people who are dear to me and, to my mind, they seemed to get away from themselves, neglect, betray, trying to be like everyone else… all in order to “be part the group”. Thus, I was inspired to not fight my loneliness. In fact, I started to seek and embrace it.


I then stopped diluting me. I learned to display integrity. While I stop searching in the other, I find in myself what I’ve been looking for.


Obviously, I had to tame the silence, the appearance of emptiness where I gradually hear myself so I can finally listen to me.


Our deepest desire is not so much to be like everyone else. It’s because we might not have allowed ourselves to become acquainted with the intriguing and so-called “emptiness”…


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Recipe : Living Ginger Ale


– Chef Chantale Roy
(From Chantale’s next book to be released in 2015! All rights reserved, Rawfreshing Cuisine)


Servings : 2

Ingredients :

2 whole Honeycrisp apples, coarsely chopped

2 large sprigs of fresh celery with leaves

1 handful of sunflower greens

1 large piece of fresh ginger

1 small whole lemon, cut into 4 

Preparation: Wash all ingredients and extract the juice in a juicer (avoid centrifuges and prefer an extractor with one or two gears). Drink immediately.

Alone, being accompanied, surrounded, supported or not, I can drink that juice from dawn to dust, all year long…
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