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Everyone has a story to tell

One step at a time... - Chantale Roy I do not like storms. I do not like arguing. I do not like conflict. I do not like war. I do not like violence. I do not like diseases. I like calm. I like harmony. I love peace. I Love health. And I like myself that

Holiday season, expectations and raw chocolate macaroons!

Christmas memories Expectations -Chantale Roy As Christmas comes closer, I close my eyes and I smell the tree, I hear the silence of snowflakes falling in slow motion and I feel the excitement that grabbed the heart of the girl I was. I also remember the ideals that came from my imagination.   Expectations produced

Alone + Living Ginger Ale Recipe

- Chantale Roy For a long time, I always looked for the presence, look, approval and love of others. It is as if my life, my breath, my happiness depended on it. Until the day when I had the audacity to explore this unknown area, by myself, without this presence, this look, this approval, the

Warm Raw Peaches or The Art of Changing Something for the Better…

-Chantale Roy There is the reality presented to us and the one that we create. Early on, I was able to explore my imagination and my creativity in an environment that encouraged it. Both at home and at school, I felt supported in the art of making objects, dishes or in the art of changing

Food Refuge

Unfortunately, I like food too much... but I look after myself! My refuge, has always been food. I've never been tempted by coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc., thank God! When I was younger, this refuge was much less green than now... Over the years, I have gradually learned to live and manage my emotions without

I want the best

I want the best - Chantale Roy I grew up on the countryside, in a modest area, but I had 600 acres to explore. I had forests and fields that I have not even fully explored, so the space was rich and endless in my mind as a little girl. I went to a small

Acceptance OR The art of developing a a recipe + Free Raw Vegan Pepperoni recipe

Acceptance OR The art of developing a recipe  +  Free Raw Vegan Pepperoni recipe - Chantale Roy As far as I remember, I have always loved life and explored my creativity as well as my unlimited potential. Like everyone else, I went through periods of doubt, during adolescence as in adulthood. I wanted to be someone else. I