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Freedom + unfermented raw vegan cream cheese recipe + 40% discount on books!

Freedom + Unfermented Raw Vegan Garlic Cream Cheese (All rights reserved, Rawfreshing Cuisine, p. 73) - Chantale Roy The only molds that fit me are my removable bottom raw pie pans; I can find my way out upward or downward. I need freedom, flexibility to create and to express who I am. I like change,

Everyone has a story to tell

One step at a time... - Chantale Roy I do not like storms. I do not like arguing. I do not like conflict. I do not like war. I do not like violence. I do not like diseases. I like calm. I like harmony. I love peace. I Love health. And I like myself that

Alone + Living Ginger Ale Recipe

- Chantale Roy For a long time, I always looked for the presence, look, approval and love of others. It is as if my life, my breath, my happiness depended on it. Until the day when I had the audacity to explore this unknown area, by myself, without this presence, this look, this approval, the

Raw Cuisine Classes with Chantale in France!

This spring, Chantale will share her love for raw food preparation with foodies in France! Please contact Jeremie Beclair to register soon, as seats are limited: If you want to explore the beauty of France, with your private French and Chef Instructor, follow Chantale from Paris to Nevache...      

Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine at UBC

Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine   Elevate your vegetarian cooking by learning to create innovative meals without meat. Chef Chantale Roy guides you in planning colourful, gourmet, plant-based meals such as chipotle corn and yam rosti, orzo and artichoke salad, napoleans of perfumed vegetables with tofu-celery root rémoulade, hors d’oeuvres with caramelized onion purée, or profiteroles with

Raw Vegan Desserts Class at UBC

Raw Vegan Desserts   Learn how to create delicious raw cakes, pies and cookies that are gluten-free and made without any refined sugar or animal products. Chef Chantale Roy teaches you how to make scrumptious vegan desserts with fruits – such as lemon meringue pie, “tirawmisu,” or black forest cake – in a healthy way,